January 17 , 2018
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
   Moiré has received "best of the best", highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!   
  www.harechair.com Eemnes,
the Netherlands,
22 March 2011

FOR harechair®

The Moiré chair has received "best of the best",
highest recognition in the reddot design award 2011!

Moiré has won the prestigious Red Dot ‘best of the best’ award this year for its outstanding design quality. In the Red Dot ‘product design’ category the jury had 4,433 products to choose from when selecting Moiré as the very best!

Moiré was inspired by the characteristic moiré textiles. Its double layered shell with its unusual transparency plays with light and shadow, giving a subtle edge to its plasticity. Ton Haas, the designer says ‘The concept behind the design was to create a form pure in structure whilst retaining an almost archaic quality. I am incredibly pleased that this quality has been recognised by the distinguished jury of the Red Dot awards’.

The complex forms and geometry of the Moiré were only attainable through the use of advanced digital technology, including rapid prototyping. For the first time in history a double layered grid has been produced as a one–part injection moulded piece. The Moiré’s lightweight structure is therefore characterised by its small mass relative to the applied load of the user.

Ton Haas has, since the early 1980’s, been renowned for his design collaborations with well-known manufacturers including Gispen, Crassevig, Casamania, Thonet, Dietiker, and Caimi. Currently, his main focus is on creating and developing innovative seating solutions for harechair®. harechair® is the brand under which the highly innovative chair designs of Ton Haas are manufactured and distributed. The company's range of products is distinguishable by its ground breaking design, technology, and use of materials. The principal founders, Sander van Doorn and Ton Haas, are real ‘chair’ men. Both have been dedicated to furniture design and development as well as to sales and marketing for over twenty years.

The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is now the world’s largest and most distinguished design competition. It breaks down into the three disciplines ‘red dot award: product design’, ‘red dot award: communication design’ and ‘red dot award: design concept’. There were almost 14,000 entries from 68 countries in the year 2010 alone. More information can be found on www.red-dot.de For further details, including high resolution images, please visit our website www.harechair.com or contact:

Anneloes Topper - press representative|press@harechair.com|Tel. +31 6 54 66 32 80

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Orgatec Review

harechair® experienced a very successful first Orgatec last October. Ton Haas, Sander van Doorn and their team showed the international public with tremendous enthusiasm what harechair® the company
and its innovative products are all about. The goal of raising the international profile of the company was certainly achieved. Moreover many new contacts with dealers and manufacturers outside the Netherlands were made. 

Noticeable was the pulling power of Moiré. Many passers-by had to have a closer look at the chair; a combination of the interesting design as well as the allocated 'iF product design award 2010'. Sander van Doorn says: ‘Now that Moiré is fully in production we have high expectations for this chair. The fact that Moiré received considerable attention from the public and the media, confirms it is a respectable addition to the successful Coral.’

More than 61,000 visitors from over 110 different countries visited Orgatec over the 5 days. Interestingly there were a larger number of visitors from India and South-America this time compared to previous years. The general atmosphere was very upbeat, and many direct decision-makers were present, something harechair® can confirm.

Below are some images of the harechair® stand:

harechair® stand at Orgatec
Ton Haas & Sander van Doorn                          Ton Haas & Giancarlo Piretti
Interesting!!!                                                 Jasper Morrison

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New Product Photos

harechair® download page

You can now download many new harechair® product photos through http://www.harechair.com/downloads. Register your details, and download these inspirational photos for use on your own website, presentations, client proposals, and even posters. They can easily be used in A3 format; for any other sizes and/or adaptations please contact the design team on ton@harechair.com.

Moiré                                     Coral                                        Geos

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Experiences from Belgium

Michèle Schoonjans

Since the middle of 2009, Michèle Schoonjans has been the Belgium agent for harechair®. Her background is in marketing communications, which she combines with a great personal interest in museums and art galleries. Below you can read about her experiences as a harechair® agent in Belgium:

'To enter a market with a new brand such as harechair® is never
easy, although the responses to the chairs have generally been very positive and the price level does not seem to be an issue. Moreover the marketing tools provided are very good, with appealing photographs and brochures. One request however would be for more reference photos (or similar) which would provide greater inspiration to interior architects.'

'The distribution strategy in Belgium is focused around co-operating with large interior fit-out companies so that a full-service package can be offered. However, in the recent difficult economic times, I have found the furniture manufacturers to mainly focus on their own portfolio, therefore limiting opportunities for external suppliers such as harechair®.'

'Competitors to harechair® in Belgium are predominantly Kartell and Vitra, (which, given their reputation, can be seen as a compliment). The difficulty is that in this market the architect or end-user tends to choose the safe option, i.e. using established brands. I wouldn't be surprised however, if in a few years time the tables will have turned and people welcome fresh, new companies such as harechair®.'

'My plans for 2011 are to set up a dual distribution strategy. This means large purchasers will be contacted directly after which the chairs are specified to the fit-out companies. I will also work at making the harechair® brand better known in the Belgium market using my marketing communications background. With this approach I am confident we will slowly work our way up into the Belgium market and our turn will come!'

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Work 2.0

Work 2.0 or so called ‘New Ways of Working’ is a known development for many of us. However, the influences and changes in workplace behaviour is still very new for many companies. We have therefore provided a short summary of the concept below:

Meaning: Execute office work in a place and time-independent manner. Through the use of mobile technology, such as a laptops, smart phones, web 2.0 etc, the employee has many possibilities to work at other places than just the traditional office (e.g. at home or on the road).

Consequences: For the employer it means that fewer traditional workplaces are required. A bigger focus lies on concentration, team and lounge areas in the office to allow employees to meet up with colleagues in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. All this supported by modern IT-solutions. For the employee it means that he in fact becomes a joint-entrepreneur, responsible for his own productivity and effectiveness.

Result: Creating the right context to ‘work’ is key. This has huge consequences from a technological, organisational, sociological and cultural perspective, a development that every one of us needs to take into account.

For more information visit http://www.newWOW.net or in Dutch http://www.werken20.nl, http://www.hetnieuwewerken.nl

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Plans / Projections 2011
harechair® The collection

harechair® has in recent years optimised the development and production processes. All technical problems are now under control, so this year will see the launch of new frames and additional features for Moiré such as a linking device. Behind the scenes Ton Haas and his team are working hard to develop additional products.

Moreover, Geos will be actively promoted this year, and the international distribution network will be professionalized and extended.

In short, harechair® has ambitious targets for 2011 and counts on your enthusiastic support. We thank you for the successes in 2010.

With our very best wishes for 2011,
Ton Haas and Sander van Doorn
Directors harechair®